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The Property Matrix Network are a team driven by their passion for real estate and burning desire to help you discover your own unique pathway to success in property ownership and financial freedom.

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  • Evelyn’s level of customer service is personal, exciting and the quality comes in bucket loads. There is so much extra depth and meaning in the way she helps you understand the process. She is always there to field questions when I call. That’s what you get from Evelyn, she’s going to be there and support you through your journey.

    Gary Blumberg

  • Evelyn, it’s your character that sets you apart, you genuinely want to help others, and from what I can see you go to great lengths to do this, even if someone asks you a trivial question, you will still help them to resolve the issue.

    Peter Poulos

    Homeworld Realty Bankstown
  • What an inspiration, what an adventure this has been. Evelyn has taken care of me and helped to clarify my destination every step of the way.

    Natalie Farrugia

  • You know Evelyn, you have made a difference to me in this process. I always look forward to talking to you. You make people happy and that’s important. Funny, isn’t it, you probably were not even aware of the impact you were having on my everyday life!

    Saras Singh

  • Evelyn has encouraged and inspired me through my own immersion of learning in the business of real estate. She has guided me in my search for the keys to success and helped me understand the business in so many ways. Thank you Evelyn – It was just amazing to be working with you, at a personal & professional level

    Saurabh Jasuja

    Mt Druitt
  • Evelyn, words will never be enough to thank you for planting the seed of inspiration in my path. For guiding me in finding love, growing, giving and connection.

    You were an angel and showed up when I needed it most. Always count on me and I will always be praying and cheering for your happiness.

    Maria Luiza Dias

  • My passion for real estate started as a child, paging through multilist magazines with my late father. In my late 30’s I finally decided to pursue that dream and that’s when I met Evelyn Olivares. During my immersion of learning with Evelyn, I found my passion for real estate soar and am eternally grateful to her.

    Sanaa NAHAS