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Transparency in Real Estate
You’re in Trusted Hands
Certified OPENN Agent-Auctioneer
You’re in Trusted Hands
Is now in your area with the latest Innovation in Selling Property. Working closely with you to achieve results to exceed your expectations
Yes. You can hold an Auction as a Private Seller!
Go Global. Join the new movement in selling your Property online with OPENN negotiation.
Yes. You can hold an Auction as a Private Seller!
Methods of Sale
Traditional Sale with Agent
You can stay traditional and go to market with an advertised fixed price or price range with an agent to negotiate on your behalf
Sell My Own Home + Auctioneer
You can choose to market your own property and engage a Certified Openn Negotiation Auctioneer to conduct the Auction on your behalf
Auction Online with Openn Negotiation Agent
You can choose to sign-up with a Certified Openn Negotiation Agent attracting more buyers and more competition globally to realise your best result