Brand Protection & Repair

Brand Protection & Brand Repair

People often go straight to the search engines to find out about brands these days, and if all of the results for your brand are negative this can hurt your image. We can put our specialist SEO skills to use not just to improve the ranking of your main website, but to also work on protecting and repairing the image of your brand via the search engines.

Brand Protection

If you are concerned about what people may find when they search for your brand name online, we can help to ensure that they only find positive or neutral information. We can do this for your brand name as well as the name of your CEO or director, or even one of your products.

The best way to prevent negative stories from appearing in the search engines is to take preventative action, and we can do this for you.

We will work with the main keywords that you want to protect, and we will come up with a strategy that could involve using your existing website or creating new ones. It could also involve publishing content in a range of places online.

Using our SEO skills, we will then focus on a range of different web pages to boost them in the search engines to that the whole first page is taken up with links pointing to positive or neutral information. Then if someone does publish something negative, they will find it hard to make it appear in the top results.

Brand Repair

Brand repair is a more complex process because links to negative information already appear high up in the search engines. In this case, we will need to force these links off the first page, and this can involve more work than simply protecting your brand because we won’t have a head start.

However, we have carried out many successful brand repair campaigns so we will be able to put our SEO skills to use to make sure people searching in the search engines see more positive stories about your brand.

We Will Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement

This work can be quite sensitive, so we will be pleased to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if you prefer before we work on any brand protection or repair services.

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