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You're In Trusted Hands Certified OPENN Agent-Auctioneer

Is now in your area with the latest Innovation in Selling Property. Working closely with you to achieve results to exceed your expectations.

So What?

This is great news because it means you now have easy access to a licensed real estate agent and accredited Auctioneer that offers you the convenience of a tried and proven online auction process that is transparent for both Vendors and Buyers.

The platform we use for conducting auctions online is OPENN Negotiation. This platform allows qualified buyers to openly negotiate on price with the advantage of knowing exactly how many real competing buyers there are. It’s the only process you can really trust because as a buyer or seller of property, you’re in complete control.

This innovative process works for you should you choose to

This process often means a property has less days on the market, and is sold at a price that is fair for all – AND, It’s TRANSPARENT – You STAY IN CONTROL – SAVE $000’s on commission.
Private Treaty Vs Traditional Auction Vs For Sale by Owner Vs Openn Online Auction

Why Sellers Choose OPENN Negotiation

FAQ’s How To Join OPENN Negotiation as a Buyer

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