PPC Management

Professional PPC Service

While our main focus is on SEO, our specialists have also been providing professional PPC services to clients for many years. We run a Google AdWords service where we can help you to get targeted traffic from the search engines via the sponsored listings as well as organic results.

Benefits of PPC Ads

There are lots of benefits to be had from launching a PPC campaign. These include:

Why Us?

We are very experienced in PPC, and have been providing PPC management to clients for years. We always focus on maximising the value of your budget to take it further, and we are always dedicated to your success.

We also have an algorithm-based bidding system that allows us to get the best bid possible for each keyword in a much more cost-effective manner. That means we can charge lower than our competitors and still provide you with a high-quality service.

Our focus on split testing allows us to constantly improve the performance of your ad campaign. Using two sets of data we can focus on the ads that are performing best and continue to tweak and refine them to boost your results.

Get a PPC Health Check for Free

If you already have an AdWords campaign running but want to improve it, we can provide you with a PPC health check for free. We’ll go through the history, the settings, structure and bid management to find out where we can make improvements, and we won’t charge you a thing.

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We will not share client data that is not already in the public domain or sell it to anyone while we are working for you or after you cancel your plan. When we say we will keep your details private we mean it.