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What Is the Virtual Summit?

The Property Matrix Virtual Summit is a webinar based learning program delivered bi monthly on 24 Nov 2020; 10 Feb; 28 Apr; 30 Jun 2021. Join us online where our speakers will share insights on how you can work through the property maze and make better informed decisions when dealing with property ownership and how this will affect your finances.

You’ll be guided by expert agents in the Property Matrix Group who are specialised to their own patch giving you the advantage. When joining this program you’ll be part of an elite group with inside information on the market.

So if you’re considering purchasing property, or interested in knowing more about the property sector, this Virtual Summit will help you get there helping you to achieve your property investment goals, or, if just starting out, can assist you in getting onto the property ladder.

The Property Matrix Virtual Summit is designed to help you grow your knowledge in property, make wise decisions when it comes to purchasing property, and provide you with insights into specific areas you may have an interest 

How Does the Virtual Summit Work?

The moment you join our Virtual Summit webinar program you will receive direct access to a group of professionals across NSW that are driven by their passion for real estate and a burning desire to help you discover your own unique pathway to success in property ownership and financial freedom.

Attendees can also receive a current Market Review report upon request with our compliments.

The whole program is delivered physical contact-free, is easy to follow and in the privacy of your own home if that’s how you choose it – completely at your leisure online

Virtual Summit Mastery will include the follow speakers and cover the following topics:

Evelyn Olivares

Real Estate Innovation

The 3rd method of selling real estate - You stay in control of the greatest asset of your life

Your topics of choice

You ask - we deliver

What would you like to know about real estate?

Property Panel

QnA session - Hot Topics

Come along and hear what some of the industry specialists have to say about your hot topics

Who Should Attend The Virtual Summit?

If you want jump on to the property ladder in a wise and timely manner, or just want inside information on the property market, then the Property Matrix Virtual Summit is for you!

The Virtual Summit audience range from property investors, vendors, buyers, landlord and tenants.

This webinar will work with anyone at any stage of their lives when it comes to beginning or increasing  a property portfolio. This program is designed to help take the stress out of buying and selling property and make astute and sensible decisions after finding a property you like. Our Virtual Summit will change your way of thinking when looking at property and you will be able to engage with experts in their chosen field.

Who Speaks at The Virtual Summit?

The Property Matrix Virtual Summit Program is led by Evelyn Olivares. Evelyn is an experienced licensed real estate agent with over 16 years industry experience. Along with being a real estate agent, she is also an auctioneer and a coach. She works with a dedicated team at Property Matrix Network. Both she and the team are driven by a passion for real estate and a desire to help you discover your own unique pathway to success in property ownership and financial freedom.

Evelyn understands that although the property ownership process can be stressful, it is also an exciting journey that can can bring much reward and financial freedom helping you achieve your life goals, and makes the process as easy to understand.

How Do I Join The Virtual Summit?

It’s easy – just click on the link below and follow the prompts to sign up to your complimentary webinar program. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.